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Photography is neither my passion, obsession nor a compulsive disorder…………..

Heavens's already here

Canopy Twin !!

No horn please!

Brahmaputra view-from Arimora, Kaziranga NP

The lone ranger

Learn to be still

ADDICTED TO CHAOS Pandemonium all around. My room at field station Bansbari, Manas National Park. Life start from here as I go out for fieldwork…………..

Kaziranga calling

BASKING IN THE SUN These are four Assam roofed turtle (Kachuga sylhetensis) basking on a dead log inside Kaziranga National Park.


Life still

Wallowing the heat


HOLD ME...........IF YOU CAN.

Waiting room!! A Kingfisher waits at Donga beel in Kaziranga NP

Down to earth!

Leaving behind-The tiger's trail at Orang NP