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Divine Manas

Come Manas, the roaring Tiger, trumpeting Elephants, gloriously plumaged Bengal Florican along with the diverse cultural integrity in the fringe areas will welcome you! Addition to this, Mathanguri cannot unimpress with its purest form of heavenly beauty!

Standing at the edge of Manas river in Mathanguri, what lies before is stunning views of lush green thick canopy on the other side of Manas and cliffs submerged in mist all the way to Black mountain range. And at the footfall, swift and enraged, flows the Beki. Cool


Asian elephant Elephas maximus, a keystone species across its ranges, almost

everywhere else, is under considerable danger. Today the future of elephant is threatened

by several factors. The elephant has played a significant role in our social and cultural life

since time immemorial than any other animal.

An unusual look to the Manas river

Surveying the top predator

Came February, along came Tiger census with a nationwide new methodology having more stress on the habitat features than population status. We dispersed ourselves all over the Park and I was to visit Kapurpura and Gabhorukhunda, probably the most exciting and among the most remote places in entire Park. As I tunneled from Bansbari on an elephant’s back amidst the tall grasses, the weather turned gloomy. The vast valley of tall Saccarhum and verdant green hills under a gloomy sky welcomed me at Kapurpura. Kapurpura was once famed for Asiatic Wild Buffalo and it appeared so as I witnessed a large herd grazing along drying Hakoa river. During the ride, crossing river Beki on an elephant’s back was one of my memorable experience ever. I felt blessed when the old ‘mahout’ told me that very few have visited this part of the Park and he himself revisiting today after 1982.  We Parked ourselves on a sandy bank side of dried Hakoa. At first glance, Kapurpura looked a vast basin of tall grassland interspersed with numerous river channels. As I gazed to the horizon, few pairs of Brahminy ducks winged away far to the north, perhaps in search of new feeding ground and became invisible in the sea of green. For three days I along with the staff followed methodologies for tiger estimation, but regrettably there were very few traces of the top predator. Probably an outcome of the decade long unrest!

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